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Mompreneur Empowered lifestyle

Mompreneur Empowered lifestyle is a platform designed to help and inspire amazing women that need the push, the reminder to get started on the life and business that they want to wake up to,a life of fulfillment, balance, wellness, wealth, and fun.the platform focus on getting you started from where you are to where you want to be with the tools that are always available, your mind and your attitude.

with MEL you move from dreaming to action from fear to success. Founder Carol Mushota David established this platform after her 3rd child and had a moment to ask herself if this was the life she truly wanted. She made the decision to leave  the corporate world and help women map out their success journey. Her lessons positive and negative, her wins and her losses plus her clients success stories gave her the confidence to get started. just like she has something to offer the world with MEL she believes every Herpreneur can manifest the lifestyle of her dreams.

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Carol is an energetic, vibrant, versatile, and adaptable woman. She is the founder of mompreneur empowered lifestyle, a platform with the goal to empower women who
have the will to not only get started but live the life they desire. The platform has a
members club which officially launched in 2020.

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