About Carol


Carol M David

Carol is an energetic, vibrant, versatile, and adaptable woman. She is the founder of mompreneur empowered lifestyle, a platform with the goal to empower women who
have the will to not only get started but live the life they desire. The platform has a
members club which officially launched in 2020.

She has over 14 years of corporate, experience, 12 years of direct selling experience over 5 years of social media marketing, including companies like Java Foods, over 200
participants on her WhatsApp and online masterclasses since 2017.
She has had 4 annual going for gold workshops, 3 seasons of a transformational tv show produced by her, and aired on QTVs DSTV platform airing across Africa.  She has had various TV, radio and online, and magazine appearances and speaking engagements carol works with people from the ground up inside out.

Carol is an international certified NLP life coach, Author, speaker Ceo at Mompreneur Empowered Lifestyle, CDMA online academy, a recipient of Duke of Edingburgh Award,
Founding Member and Zambian Ambassador of The Youvision organization and recently
launched Inner Circle Club, an African women-focused business platform, a brainchild platform of Mompreneur Empowered Lifestyle and host of Transforming with Carol tv show and podcast Called Heart Blossom chats.

She is a brand ambassador for the Mindset ChangeProcess® Zambia, SBM Boutique Zambia, The You Vision Niger. Vintage Supermarket Zimbabwe and VIRTX Virtual Studios Zambia. Carol has contributed, partnered, been a keynote speaker, and made appearances on various platforms among them being Womens Wednesday Speaker at the American Embassy, Project Life Design, Anakazi Network, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, and co-host for Image segment on Kwacha good morning Zambia, Prime TV, CBC, QTV, Answer to Another, Africa Trust Academy Woman up Africa, purple talks, and many more.  She has a passion for collaboration. An unmovable optimist, she aims to help you become the better version of yourself in your personal life as well as your business.

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