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Going for Gold

People are always asking me lots of questions about different topics from

➡️how do i start a business
➡️to how do you manage to do many things and still find time to stay healthy
➡️how do u manage being a single mom running a tv show and all that you do
➡️ how do you manage to balance business and travel
➡️how do you make money from social media?
➡️How did you write a book or start your tv show
And more

Did you know that designing your dream life that you want to live starts with taking action? The mompreneur platform does exactly that. We have boxes for you to unwrap depending  on the stage  you and your business  are at. There  is also our Go for Gold signature  package that you unwrap if you are looking to transform your whole life and are ready to live a life designed by you inside this box  are the following 10 modules for you to unwrap 

1. Your goal setting  and vision board journey 
2. Your wellness journey 
3. Your personal confidence journey 
4. Your branding  journey 
5. Your finance  journey 
6. How to balance  your life journey 
7. Your personal development  journey
8. Your  network networth journey
9. Your travel journey 
10. Your mentorship journey 


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