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Conversations  with Carol

  • Conversations with Carol  Talk Show ,Its a safe haven for women and men to talk about whatever issues they are having in their lives and everything else without the feeling of overwhelm or stigma concerning mental health issues,relationships, spirituality,sex,narcissism,cultural barriers and finances and Trauma ).
  • The show is a raw show and guests  are encouraged to be open prior  to the show. It is created for people to share advise that can help uplift each other  after the discussion to come to a positive  solution or testimony that will impact the community  in a more positive engaged way.
  • Conversations with  Carol has been designed to allow the views of the  guests and host to be discussed and shared to the masses without feeling judged and intimidated.
  • It is  A Show that is aimed at digging deeper at the very issues that  many  may not feel safe to discuss in a crowded  room or platform on television set
  •  It provides a platform for them to be availed so as to help that young ,older generation  to become a better  version  of themselves in thier personal life or someone they know who has been through that expedience
  •  A chance to know who they really are
  • And to discover their purpose to the fullest potential without feeling ashamed .
  • Everyone on The Show Both the presenters And The guest have an opportunity to say Something Concerning the particular Topic Depending on how Relatable it is ,
  • The point is to get Multiple responses as well prior to the topic at hand
  • And explore different perceptions of  which will be analysed to see how the engagment can provide a positive impact
  • The outcome the goal is that this way we can learn about each other and Also About Others  and how they have  overcome
  • Its about having a conversation  as you would  with  someone  who you know has the best interests at heart.

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